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    (0) Salade ourite à la sauce Winner's
    Salade Ourite, a perfectly fresh, healthy, and especially exquisite local dish. Due to its Meli Melo of cultures, Mauritius is home to various identity dishes, and Salade Ourite is considered by far as one of the local’s favorite.
    Banana Tart | Perfect for tea time!
    (19) Banana Tart | Perfect for tea time!

    Cook time : 40 mins | Preparation : 5 mins | Serving : 6 persons  | Course : dessert | Difficulty : Easy | Dietary : Non - vegetarian

    The banana tart is an amazing way to make better use of your ripped bananas and transform them into a geometric crusty-pastry with some caramelized banana filling!

    The Traditional Rasam (Rasson)
    (0) The Traditional Rasam (Rasson)

    Cook time : 30 mins | Preparation : 10 mins | Serving : 4 persons | Course : Side dish | Difficulty : Easy | Dietary : Vegetarian

    Rasam, also known as ‘rasson’ in Mauritius is a traditional dish from Tamil Nadu. The rasam is an antioxidant and thanks to its fusion of spices, it provides endless ben...

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